Saturday, August 21, 2010

Episode 4: Sugar, Spice and a Little Bit of Ice

"Grazie mille! A presto!" (English: Thank you so much! See you soon) said a delighted Margaret. She blew an air-kiss as she was coming out of the Executive Conference Room. "Yes!" she said as she jumped for joy. The news was truly exciting for her. Finally, she was going to places.

"Oh Judita! They told me that you would have to wait a little." said Margaret in a diva-kind tone.

"Why?" inquired Judita. She did not had a nice feeling about this.

"Lunch!" said Margaret while fixing her hair.

"God! I almost ran when they called." said Judita.

"You ran in these shoes. No wonder they are giving me your job, maybe they think you would be a better sport journalist." said Margaret in a teasing tone.

"What do you mean! You can't do my job." said Judita in a slightly panicked manner.

"Oh honey! They did. They gave yours and Ian's both. I am now responsible for International Events and Home Decor." said Margaret in a triumphant manner. "I guess they thought you were a bit drab."

"I am not DRAB!" said Judita feriously and marched in the Executive Conference Room.

The Executive Conference Room was spacious room. It had an oval-shaped glass tabletop standing on a mahogany stand in the center of the room. It had ten chairs on each side, it had a projector fixed on the front of the room.

"Time for...." said Isabelle. "Judita!"

Judita stopped. She was a bit embarrassed as the management panel was eating their lunches.

"Have a seat, Judita!" said Isabelle.

Judita sat. She did not dare to speak as there were people far important than Isabelle where sitting at the table.

"Claire! Please arrange the lunch in the Cafeteria." said Isabelle. "You know Judita, eating is important but how would you know. You are still a part-time model."

The tone Isabelle used was icy and subtle. It was not loud, yet it was venomous. "Be a good girl and don't march on us while we are eating in the Cafeteria. I know you are eager, and so are we."

Isabelle and along with her 4 people went outside for lunch.


  1. magneficentioo details looks unfinished though

  2. magneficentioo details looks unfinished though