Sunday, August 8, 2010

Episode 3: Big Surprises, Little Ones Too

That day anyone who was asked to meet the Board of Directors had to wait in the Executive Suite. Once the Directors wanted to meet, they would call Claire the executive receptionist to let the person in. When Judita entered the Executive Suite, she was taken by a surprise, and like most surprises, this one was quite shocking.

Margaret Adrien was sitting there with one feet under the other and placed to a side of the chair. To everyone's eyes if Judita ever had competition, it was Margaret. Just like Judita, she was bodacious with all the right curves. She had glowing, flawless skin and shiny red hair. She was 28, but she did not look a day above 25. Margaret saw Judita as she entered the Executive Suite.

"Crikey! You look so nice," said a smiling Claire. "I guess that outfit is really in these days. Margaret is wearing one too, with same heels."

Judita could not just believe when she turned to look at Margaret. Somehow, by a stroke of nature's conspiracy or plain bad luck, Judita and Margaret were wearing the same Canary Yellow dress, and to top it all, both of them were wearing the same shoes.

"Margaret!" said Judita in a tone that she was excited to her.

"Judita!" replied Margaret who acted the same emotion of surprise. Her mind took a spin when she saw what just happened. She hid her confusion and like a lady, she air-kissed Judita's cheek. Judita air-kissed Margaret's cheek back. The emotional cover up was magnificent. Both of the girls acted like as if they were BFFs. Smiles and cheers were everywhere. Meanwhile, Claire exactly knew what was going on. She rolled her eyes and went back to her work.

"Gracious me! You don't grow old. Don't you?" said Judita in a cheerful tone and with her eyes a little open.

"Like they say, it shows when you are young at heart." said Margaret.

"Oh do they! By the way, that new bob-cut of yours is just AWEsome!" Judita praised.

"Oh you like! Thank you. Curls don't look bad on you either even though straight is all the talk these days." Margaret replied. "But the other day I said it in the interview that the ONLY model who can make past-season style look trendy is Judita."

"Oh my God! So nice of you." said Judita, with a wide smile. In fashion world, when a model says that she told the press something good about the rival, it is very likely that never happened. If it ever did, the statement was twisted in a manner that it has hidden meaning. Margaret just degraded Judita by telling that she is never keeping her looks current to the market.

Silence prevailed as Judita started looking at some magazines in the Executive Suite. There she saw something weird. It was a magazine named Women's Own. She picked it up and shivered at the quality of the work inside the magazine. She was disgusted by this "fashion" magazine's outlook. It had Indian women in it and there were no swimsuit or evening gowns in it. As she surfed the magazine, she thought it would be a new magazine for the South Asian niche aka DESI. Judita was against of the "desi" trend, which was taking the world by storm. She thought that Desi was too down-market and gaudy.

Meanwhile, Margaret was checking herself out in her compact. She was looking good enough and required no puffing but she was furious. The whole wardrobe malfunctioned to its last very detail, thanks to Jake. She had the instinct to wear flats but Jake and his stupid notions. Now, she looked like a joke. It was her good luck that she was called first for the meeting.

"Margaret! They are ready to see you now," said Claire.

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