Saturday, August 21, 2010

Episode 4: Sugar, Spice and a Little Bit of Ice

"Grazie mille! A presto!" (English: Thank you so much! See you soon) said a delighted Margaret. She blew an air-kiss as she was coming out of the Executive Conference Room. "Yes!" she said as she jumped for joy. The news was truly exciting for her. Finally, she was going to places.

"Oh Judita! They told me that you would have to wait a little." said Margaret in a diva-kind tone.

"Why?" inquired Judita. She did not had a nice feeling about this.

"Lunch!" said Margaret while fixing her hair.

"God! I almost ran when they called." said Judita.

"You ran in these shoes. No wonder they are giving me your job, maybe they think you would be a better sport journalist." said Margaret in a teasing tone.

"What do you mean! You can't do my job." said Judita in a slightly panicked manner.

"Oh honey! They did. They gave yours and Ian's both. I am now responsible for International Events and Home Decor." said Margaret in a triumphant manner. "I guess they thought you were a bit drab."

"I am not DRAB!" said Judita feriously and marched in the Executive Conference Room.

The Executive Conference Room was spacious room. It had an oval-shaped glass tabletop standing on a mahogany stand in the center of the room. It had ten chairs on each side, it had a projector fixed on the front of the room.

"Time for...." said Isabelle. "Judita!"

Judita stopped. She was a bit embarrassed as the management panel was eating their lunches.

"Have a seat, Judita!" said Isabelle.

Judita sat. She did not dare to speak as there were people far important than Isabelle where sitting at the table.

"Claire! Please arrange the lunch in the Cafeteria." said Isabelle. "You know Judita, eating is important but how would you know. You are still a part-time model."

The tone Isabelle used was icy and subtle. It was not loud, yet it was venomous. "Be a good girl and don't march on us while we are eating in the Cafeteria. I know you are eager, and so are we."

Isabelle and along with her 4 people went outside for lunch.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

VIVID Extra - The Modern Checklist to Buy Shoes

As shoes are getting multi-purpose day by day, there was a need to put a new guide to buy shoes. These days, there are ever so many kinds of them out there; however, the rules to buy shoes have not pretty much changed over the years until now. In order to buy shoes, you should always try to do the things according to the following checklist:
  1. Check your feet size regularly 
  2. Buy your shoes in the afternoon when your feet at the full size. 
  3. Make sure that they are comfortable on your heels and slip on easily. 
  4. Make sure they are aero-dynamic.
AERO-DYNAMIC! Well, you would ask why. I tell you why. You need aero-dynamic shoes to throw. Recent practices have shown that they are an effective way to get into the news and be a star, and who knows with all that throwing going on, there might be a sport hidden somewhere out there. After all, discs, hammers and javelins have been thrown too much. How about something new and totally radical, only shoes can do that. London 2012 Olympics could be a start for this new sport.

Now let’s review what shall be the four right types of the shoe for throwing.

As show-throwers would be called athletes and there is a plausible chance that they would be throwing their own shoes. They must be throwing a pair of athletic shoes. After all, what’s an athlete without a pair of athletic shoes? They are pretty light though and the endorsements would come flying.
My personal recommendation: Any brand would do but the best would be China-made. We should endorse our friend’s product after all.

Heels can be good for throw sport. First, most of them are made out of very light materials but due to their shape, the heels can put some resistance in the flight so the athlete needs to develop a skill and use the heel effectively. If they thrown correct, they can surely make a point. People who think that the heels are a women-thing, well they need to be informed that King Louis XIV was wearing them in his time, so there will be no problem for men to use them for a sport.
My personal recommendation: Any good old 6 or 8 inch ones. Pencil ones would be the best.

They are strong and sturdy. They look like a boomerang, so they should fly but again a skillful athlete would be required to make it fly the furthest. With all the budgets being spent by nations over military, a little expenditure for this peace-time practice might not hurt. Beware! Some of these boots do not like being tossing around and they might harm as these boots "are made for walking".
My personal recommendation: The ones that a General wears.

Instead of going to specifications and all; let’s use something fairly common, shoes with MUD. Be short, long or Army-sized, muddy shoes would be best as they could regularize the weight being thrown. The question stands what kind of mud. I reckon the mud from a flood would be plenty.
My personal recommendation: Flip flops with mud.

So the next time if a government needs to save their elite’s grace, they can say that the meeting was a shoe-throw practice and the person who threw the shoes was their upcoming talent. Surely, it will give that a better image and a concern for something other than their interest percentages as well as the government TV channel’s editor would breathe easy while editing. So, who wants to join practice?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Episode 3: Big Surprises, Little Ones Too

That day anyone who was asked to meet the Board of Directors had to wait in the Executive Suite. Once the Directors wanted to meet, they would call Claire the executive receptionist to let the person in. When Judita entered the Executive Suite, she was taken by a surprise, and like most surprises, this one was quite shocking.

Margaret Adrien was sitting there with one feet under the other and placed to a side of the chair. To everyone's eyes if Judita ever had competition, it was Margaret. Just like Judita, she was bodacious with all the right curves. She had glowing, flawless skin and shiny red hair. She was 28, but she did not look a day above 25. Margaret saw Judita as she entered the Executive Suite.

"Crikey! You look so nice," said a smiling Claire. "I guess that outfit is really in these days. Margaret is wearing one too, with same heels."

Judita could not just believe when she turned to look at Margaret. Somehow, by a stroke of nature's conspiracy or plain bad luck, Judita and Margaret were wearing the same Canary Yellow dress, and to top it all, both of them were wearing the same shoes.

"Margaret!" said Judita in a tone that she was excited to her.

"Judita!" replied Margaret who acted the same emotion of surprise. Her mind took a spin when she saw what just happened. She hid her confusion and like a lady, she air-kissed Judita's cheek. Judita air-kissed Margaret's cheek back. The emotional cover up was magnificent. Both of the girls acted like as if they were BFFs. Smiles and cheers were everywhere. Meanwhile, Claire exactly knew what was going on. She rolled her eyes and went back to her work.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Episode 2: A Break in Lunch

As she walked in the corridors, her Jimmy Choo's Nova made clacking sounds with the shiny floor. Her hair moved to and fro. A steady smile on her smile was visible. In her head, a thought arrived came so amusing that she could not help but to smile. Such changes would be made if she was to be the new Editor. Vivid looked old to her. She wanted a new zing to appear in the magazine and that could only be done by a talented fashionable person like herself.

She moved passed the cafeteria. She noticed the rush in there. Even though, the notice asked the staff to work on Saturday, July 31 but it did not seem as there was much work going on. Not clearly visible though but there was more slacking than working going on.

"Oh! How wonderful these Jimmy Choo sound!" a thought just erupted in her head. "Surely, these are the footsteps for success."

As she passed the cafeteria to another corridor, her heart started beating in a pace. Every step was like a journey in itself. Every step had a new thought. Just before lunch, she heard that they kicked out Ian Buff, the International Events Editor.

"Ian must have done something wrong, or else you cannot just fire a person of his importance." Another thought appeared. "I guess Issi never gelled with him well."

Suddenly, something struck her out of the blue.

"OMG! They are kicking me out too." A thought so loud that she wondered as she said it out loud. "OMG! OMG! I have been throwing a bundle of tantrums to Issi. That cow!"

She took one more step and her confidence returned. She denied her last thought as a hormonal rush. One more step, and it happened. Her heel broke, and her heart almost skipped a heartbeat.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Episode 1: Introducing Judita

Well it was not a surprise to anyone when they saw it raining. London was like this for centuries and would be like this forever, like a leaky diaper. Everyone prayed that the sun should be out by lunch. The sun was a seldom guest to city and whenever it came out, everything looked festive.
Rain or shine, it didn’t matter to Ms. Judita Shah. She was a crisp as one Features Editor can be. In the circles of work, she was a horror. In the circles of nightclub, she was an absolute darling and in parties, she was the one stealing the spotlight. Only ten years in the fashion business, the twenty-six-year-old “Fashionista” was going places. July 31st was the day when she first entered the business of fashion. She was only 16, innocent and cute, perfect for a photo shoot. She got bored of being on the screen after an year of work. She started as an Assistant Photo Director for the company where she had her representation. The camera loved her as she continued doing modeling till she was 20 when she was asked to be a reality show contestant for “Stranded”. It made her an instant TV sweetheart.
On her 21st birthday, she was engaged to her hot boyfriend Esteban Romero. The very same day, her new show “Model: Tres Chic” was aired. Everyone adored her as the host and admired as the judge. On her 22nd birthday, Esteban dumped cake on her and left. The next day she was offered to write a column for Gloss Monthly, the newest addition to the fashion magazines in UK. The following day, Playpen publishes a 12-page saucy photo shoot, once done by her ex-boyfriend Esteban as a token of remembrance and eternal love. Hours later, Gloss Monthly asked her to not to write. The next morning, she got an offer to do porn and she refused.
Later that year, she was offered a position at Glimmer as Lifestyle & Decor Columnist. When she turned 23rd, she again got engaged to Esteban. The next day, Esteban was featured in a shoot for The Gaze, the IT magazine for homosexual men. Revenge is sweet and that was one good birthday present. When she was 23 years and a half, Esteban took her to court. The controversy bubbled and like they say, “There is nothing such as bad publicity”, it worked wonders for Judita. She was offered to work as Junior Editor, Lifestyle, Food & Wine for Vivid. Today, it would be almost 3 years since she joined Vivid.